Commercial diving


We professionally perform:

Survey of underwater objects,
Underwater drilling at any depth,
Underwater cutting and welding,
Underwater photography and filming of docks and watercraft,
Underwater cleaning works,
Various underwater engineering works.

Phone/WhatsApp 220-77-202

The clients of our underwater diver work are the largest Latvian ports – Liepājas port, Ventspils port, Riga port, Salacgrivas port, Skulte port, Rojas port.
Latvian companies for which we have carried out underwater diver work – Latvian Hydrographic Service, Latvian Maritime Administration, Latvian Finieris, Latvian National Library

We professionally and promptly carry out wide-profile underwater works, which include-

underwater technical survey,
performing underwater measurements,
underwater drilling,
bed sampling,
underwater concreting and welding,
underwater searches and dock surveys,
repair and cleaning work under water.
We have carried out underwater surveying, lifting and cleaning of objects of various sizes in Latvia’s largest ports of Riga, Ventspils and Liepāja, as well as in many other state and private objects.

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