Zinc anode replacement service in Latvia

Zinc anode replacement service

At company Dronelab SIA, Latvian Underwater Services, we understand the critical role that zinc anodes play in safeguarding your boat’s metallic components. Our specialized Zinc Replacement services ensure optimal performance and longevity for your vessel.

Why Zinc Anodes?

  • Sacrificial Protection: Zinc anodes act as sacrificial shields, connected to the metallic parts (such as shafts, props, and rudders) that are submerged underwater. They protect these components from electrolysis-induced corrosion.
  • Current Flow Regulation: Zinc, with its higher voltage conduction, diverts current flow away from other metals, limiting electrolysis to the anodes themselves.

Our Zinc Anode Services:

  1. Inspection:
  2. Replacement:
    • Worn-down or missing zincs expose your boat’s metal parts to electrolysis, weakening them over time. Our timely replacements prevent cracks and breakage.

Why Choose Latvian Underwater Services?

  • Safety First: Our divers adhere to strict safety protocols during every operation.
  • In-Water Convenience: We perform replacements without hauling your boat out of the water.
  • Customized Approach: We tailor our services based on your boat’s unique needs.

Keep your boat shipshape with our reliable zinc anode services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Visit our company, Dronelab SIA, website at Latvian Underwater Services for more details and to book your zinc replacement.