Recovered water transport, 10 meters yacht, with help of commercial divers

The purpose of this work plan is to provide a detailed step-by-step guide for the recovery of a 10-meter yacht using lift bags with the assistance of commercial divers. The plan outlines the necessary equipment, personnel, and procedures required to safely and effectively lift the sunken yacht to the surface.


  • Lift bags (4x 1000kg capacity)
  • Shackles (4x)
  • Air hoses and regulators (4x)
  • Diving masks and fins (4x)
  • Dive computers (4x)
  • Decompression chambers
  • Scuba tanks (8x)
  • Communication system (radios or underwater communication devices)


  • Dive Supervisor
  • Commercial Divers (4x)
  • Safety Officer
  • Boat crew
  • Crane operator


  1. Conduct a thorough site assessment to determine the location, depth, and condition of the yacht.
  2. Secure the area with safety buoys to prevent other boats from entering the recovery zone.
  3. Assemble and test all equipment, including lift bags, shackles, air hoses, and diving gear.
  4. Conduct a safety briefing for all personnel involved in the recovery operation.
  5. Assign tasks and responsibilities to each team member, including the crane operator, safety officer, and commercial divers.
  6. Attach the lift bags to the yacht using shackles, ensuring that the bags are evenly distributed and properly secured.
  7. Inflate the lift bags with compressed air, monitoring their pressure and adjusting as necessary to ensure a smooth and controlled ascent.
  8. Coordinate the lift operation between the crane operator and commercial divers, ensuring that the yacht is lifted in a controlled and safe manner.
  9. Maintain communication between all personnel involved in the operation, including the safety officer, boat crew, and commercial divers.
  10. Conduct regular safety checks throughout the operation, including decompression procedures for commercial divers.
  11. Once the yacht is lifted to the surface, secure it to the boat using ropes and transport it to a safe location for inspection and repairs.

Conclusion: The successful recovery of a sunken yacht using lift bags and commercial divers requires careful planning, attention to detail, and coordination between all personnel involved in the operation. By following this work plan, the recovery team can ensure a safe and effective operation that minimizes risks and maximizes the chances of success.


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