Dronelab SIA Dives into Underwater Analysis for Ventspils Port Expansion

As Ventspils Port embarks on an ambitious expansion project, Latvian commercial diving company Dronelab SIA has been entrusted with a crucial role – conducting thorough underwater analysis of the port’s bottom. This comprehensive assessment will form the foundation for the construction of a new ship pier, ensuring its stability and long-term durability.

Dronelab SIA brings a wealth of expertise to this project, leveraging advanced underwater survey drones and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to inspect the port’s seabed. These sophisticated tools enable the company to capture detailed images and data, providing valuable insights into the seafloor’s topography, sediment composition, and potential hazards.

The collected data will be crucial in designing the new ship pier’s foundation. Dronelab SIA’s findings will inform the selection of appropriate piling materials and construction methods, ensuring that the pier can withstand the forces of the sea and support the weight of large vessels.

Dronelab SIA’s participation in this project demonstrates its commitment to providing high-quality underwater services to support Latvia’s infrastructure development. The company’s expertise and innovative approach have made it a trusted partner for both public and private entities.

As Ventspils Port prepares to welcome larger ships and accommodate increased cargo traffic, Dronelab SIA’s underwater analysis is playing a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and reliability of the new ship pier. The company’s contribution will undoubtedly contribute to the port’s continued growth and prosperity.