Bridge inspections in Latvia, the company’s expert team works under and above water

Latvia, with its scenic beauty, road technological heritage and unique bridge designs, offers variety for regular and modern engineering projects. Therefore, to ensure long service life and safety of bridges, regular inspection of bridges is necessary. In this article, we will share with you our experience from the point of view of SIA “Dronelab” experts. Every year, the company’s specialists carry out a visual survey (inspection) of bridges with photo recording, as well as provide opinions with notes on detected defects, extent of defects and their connections.

Annual inspection of bridges

Dronelab offers annual inspections that include visual inspection of structures and evaluation of defects. It provides the bridge owner not only with an accurate assessment of the technical condition, but also with recommendations for possible maintenance measures.

Main Bridge Inspection

Our main inspection offers a comprehensive inspection, including analysis of documentation, fixing of technical tasks and even determination of estimated repair costs. It not only provides the bridge owner with a certified conclusion on the bearing capacity of the bridges, but also organizes the bridge archive.

Reduced volume or individual inspections

If a customized approach is required, specialists of SIA “Dronelab” carry out reduced-volume or individual inspections, according to the needs and situation of the bridge owner. This flexible approach guarantees an optimal solution for each bridge owner.

Estimating the value and longevity of bridges

We use special formulas that take into account regulatory times, repair costs and other factors to determine the value and longevity of bridges. Only our qualified bridge specialists can make such an accurate assessment.

Latvian bridge inspection practice

In Latvia, we practice annual, main, special inspections and testing with load, providing a comprehensive view of the condition of bridges. These inspections are essential given the age of the bridges and the increased traffic intensity.

Measuring device of the company Dronelab SIA

Why is bridge inspection necessary?

Specialists of SIA “Dronelab” believe that bridge inspection is an integral part of safety and sustainable infrastructure. As traffic intensity and the number of old bridges increase, regular inspection becomes essential. The inspection allows to identify problems at an early stage, which facilitates effective repairs and future planning.

The leading company offers a wide and differentiated approach to bridge inspections in Latvia, providing customers with safety and reliable information about the condition of their bridges. Our experts are proud to help maintain and develop Latvia’s bridge infrastructure to ensure a safe journey across Latvia’s scenic beauty.

We carry out wide-profile engineering underwater works, which include bridge surveying, underwater measurement, pier surveying, underwater search, underwater repair and underwater cleaning. A certified hydraulic construction technician, a hydraulic designer, a certified bridge inspection specialist and a bridge and hydraulic works manager will carry out bridge and pier inspections in cooperation with “Dronelab” SIA, certified underwater diving specialists.

It is possible to carry out underwater technical searches (Underwater sonar, underwater ROV, underwater lateral sonar, underwater multi-beam echo sounder, underwater magnetometer and underwater metal detector) and extraction works from water bodies.

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